What You Need to Know About Our 5 New Essential Oil Vessels

six rays oil vessel

One of the best things about essential oils is mixing and matching them to create your own unique blend.

You can not only mix and match essential oils to find ones that you like, but you can also combine them to enhance or complement different benefits.

Want to get rid of stress and sleep better at night? Combine a few drops of chamomile oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil. 

You can, of course, keep things pure and separate—the sky is the limit! 
What’s important is to make sure that you store them in vessels made of the right materials.

Safest Options for Essential Oil Storage

For storing your essential oils, glass is the best type of vessel to use. This is because all essential oils are impervious to glass. 

In addition, these are the safest and most practical ways to store and carry your oils around, as long as you consider the temperature and lighting conditions where you keep them. 

By the way, in case you’re wondering why we avoid plastics for the storage of essential oils and fragrances, it’s because essential oils will easily melt plastics. 
This not only wastes your essential oils, but it could also be harmful to your health.

Steel, aluminium, and other metals are good storage options, but they are too heavy or may overheat when exposed to the sun. 
On the other hand, Glass is a perfect balance—providing reliable storage in a durable package.

Having said that, I can't wait to show you the newest additions to our collection of stunning vessels for all your oily creations.

Enchanted Woods

enchanted woods
These glass bottles, which can hold up to 12mL of your essential oil blend, come in three lovely pastel earthy colours and are small enough to fit in your purse.
Capped by a natural bamboo wooden lid, they’re cute yet highly functional at the same time.

And as an added functional touch, the glass bottle itself features a matte finish that makes it easy to handle with very little chance of slipping.
Now, how do you use it to apply your essential oil blends? 
These come with a stainless steel roller ball...

So, any time you want to apply oils to your head or any other affected part of your body, just pop off the bamboo cap and get on rolling! 

The roller mechanism ensures no spills and allows you to distribute evenly the oil you need when you need it.

Fairy Garden Bundle

fairy garden bundle
If earthy tones and colours aren’t quite your thing—or you just want something a little more feminine…

Then the Fairy Garden Bundle is perfect for you. 
Coming in threes, holding 12mL, and featuring beautiful white and light pinks…
These are the perfect storage for your custom fragrance oils or any other essential oil blends that you fancy. 

They also come with the same natural bamboo wooden lid that perfectly complements the colour palette. 

Now, the problem with most essential oil rollers is that applying essential oils and fragrances when you need them can be messy. 
But not with these enchanting roller bottles…
The built-in stainless steel roller ball makes applying essential oil blends and fragrances to any body part a breeze and spill-free.

The roller also ensures the even distribution of the most recommended essential oils or fragrances that you need to use at a given moment.


Not a fan of commercial perfumes? No problem!
Make your own low-tox fragrances and carry them around with you in the Lana fine mist spray vessel. 

This tall, square container provides excellent grip while still being easy to store and carry around with you. 

Bring 15 mL of your favourite oily blend with you wherever you go, and use it as a room and car spritzer or perfume as desired.

The Lana looks very svelte and elegant with a wooden top—coming in dark and light shades. It’s naturally and subtly elegant. 

Finally, an aluminium spray top adorns the top of the Lana spray vessel.
This material is, of course, resistant to corrosion by any essential oils you use and effective at dispersing your favourite scent whenever and wherever you want it.

Candy Hearts

candy hearts
Do you struggle with stress and anxiety? Want to bring your favourite calming blends with you where ever you go?

Why not do it with sass and style? 
The portable Candy Hearts fragrance oils roller is the perfect solution. 

It comes in an affordable, practical bundle of 4—in grape, strawberry, orange, and spearmint colours. 
You can mix and match these according to your outfit of the day or your accessories. 

The best part?
They’re small enough to slip into your pocket or your bag—the choice is yours!

Furthermore, each bottle can securely hold up to 10mL of in-trend essential oils within its high-quality glass bottle. Plus, it’s capped off by our characteristic bamboo wooden cap to give it a natural, elegant look. 

And when you need to get your essential oil fix, the built-in gemstone roller will let you apply the perfect amount with no spills or wastage. 
The gemstone roller matches the colour of the Candy Hearts’ body for a super cute vibe you’ll love.


Who says that simple can’t be beautiful or elegant?
 The Gabriella oil dropper comes in a clear glass squared diamond form—evoking the quiet elegance of old Hollywood glam. 
It can hold up to 60mL of your own nourishing face or body oil. 

This is a classic essential oil vessel—even coming with its own dropper for easy application of your face or body oil to where it’s needed the most. 

While the Gabriella might not be portable—you can’t carry it comfortably in your bag unless you have a big one—but that isn’t what it's designed to be. 
Instead, it’s designed to be a subtle, elegant showpiece on your dresser—easily accessed when needed but beautifully decorative when you don’t need it. 

The glass we use is highly durable, so you won’t have to worry about shattering it with accidental drops. 
All the same, an elegant piece deserves a little extra care.

Now, before you get too excited to shop for the newest additions to our stunning vessel collections…

Feel free to check out our other best sellers, too!
If you want the perfect way to fill your room with the wonderful fragrance of your favourite essential oils, we have earthy, elegant diffusers that you can fill up and plugin easily… 
We also carry a large selection of roller vessels, dropper vessels, and even mist spray vessels. 

Next on the list is our wide range of crystal jewellery that functions as wearable oil rollers! 
They’re the must-have aromatherapy accessories for every essential oil lover.
Finally, we also have a line of crystal lamps that are hewn from natural rose and clear quartz, amethyst, and selenite. 

They’re stunning talking pieces that provide a soft, warm light to whatever room you have them in—the better to highlight the natural beauty of the crystals. 
As a bonus, each piece is one-of-a-kind—no one in the world will ever have the same looking piece! 

So, which of our latest additions are you planning to purchase next?
Let us know in the comment section below.