Introducing the Empower Collection

The Vision

In 2020 I founded this business with a VISION…

To use my adversity for good, to find and create community and to have a positive impact on the world around me. 🫶🏻

At the time I was selling a tiny range of empty glass bottles and I didn’t have a clue how that vision would come to life.

All I knew is that I was committed to building a business that not only supported my family but gave me skills that I could share with others so they could also build a life of freedom. 🔥

I’ve trusted that vision even during times where I’ve been making no money, where I haven’t known what step to take next, when I’ve failed or made mistakes.

The Collection

This new collection has been created around my brand values to Uplift, Inspire and Empower. A way to share my vision with you and hopefully leave you feeling supported and encouraged to build your dream too.

Empowerment Through Art: Inspiration Quote Prints

In a world where negativity can sometimes overshadow our spirits, surrounding ourselves with positivity becomes essential. Our inspiration quote prints serve as daily reminders to stay focused, resilient, and inspired. Each print is meticulously crafted to resonate with your inner strength and potential, offering a beacon of encouragement in any space they adorn.

  • "Uplift": A reminder of the positive power in kindness
  • "Inspire": Igniting the spark of creativity and motivation within you.
  • "Empower": Defining what it means to be empowered

Whether displayed in your office, bedroom, or living area, these prints will infuse your surroundings with positivity and motivation, uplifting your spirits whenever you need it most.

Elevate Your Senses: Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

In addition to visual inspiration, we believe in the power of scent to uplift and energize the mind, body, and soul. Our essential oil diffuser blends are carefully curated to complement the themes of our quote prints, creating a harmonious environment that fosters clarity, creativity, and confidence.

  • Uplift: Create a positive ambiance, emanating joy and boosting self esteem with uplifting citrus and floral notes
  • Inspire: Awaken your potential and elevate your spirit with the exotic and beautiful scent of Ylang Ylang with the freshness of citrus
  • Empower: Instil confidence and resilience with this grounding woods blend with the sweet subtle scent of Jasmine igniting inner strength and determination.

Simply add a few drops of your chosen blend to your diffuser and let the transformative power of aroma envelop your space, inspiring you to embrace your full potential with every breath.

Empower Collection Launching 24.04.24 7PM AEST