Top 3 Books That Every Woman in Business Should Read

books every business woman should read

It can be very tough to thrive in the business world as a woman. 

There are many challenges and biases that need to be overcome—not to mention self-doubts and other fears. 

The truth is that women make for amazingly successful business owners. 

It’s all a matter of the right mindset, the right attitude, and the right drive. 

These 3 books for female entrepreneurs are the most inspiring and worth reading if you want to be a better business owner, a better person, and an amazing woman overall.

What Should an Entrepreneur Read?

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that these books aren’t strictly business guides. 

There are many great ones that cover just the business side of things—some even from a woman’s perspective—but these are not those books. 

These are a mix of memoirs and guide and chart each female author’s journey to success. 

The beauty of these types of books is that they’re far more candid and honest. They’re more human and relatable. 

So, when you read these books, don’t be surprised if you find a little bit of yourself in their narratives.

Girl, Stop Apologising – Rachel Hollis

girls stop apologizing

If you have ever found yourself apologising for, well, everything, this is the book for you. 

We don’t mean about saying sorry for a mistake. We’re talking about the self-deprecating apologies for being who you are and the deeper set of insecurities that reflects. 

We’ve all been there, and this kind of thinking and living is the reason why we as women don’t reach our full potential. 

After all, how many times have you felt held back and restricted by your greatest enemy—yourself. 

Well, this book hopes to help dispel that.
Rachel Hollis is already well-known among motivational speakers, and she hosts one of the top business podcasts today. 

She’s famous for her relatable, easy-to-read approach to writing. 

You’ll find her writing catchy and easy to follow, and overall, her content is very entertaining given the subject matter she’s covering. 

The premise is really quite simple: we women spend far too much time apologising for having dreams, to begin with. 

Rachel used her own bad habit of minimising her own passions as mere hobbies when she was starting to earn a lot.
She explains that many women are taught to believe in their value as being relative to others—as is the case for mothers, daughters, sisters, and the like. 

This has been holding women back, and she posits that we own our hopes and dreams and be assertive in their pursuit. 

It’s a powerful message delivered through a pretty well laid out book. 

It starts with the common excuses that halt women from pursuing their goals. 

She covers a lot of excuses that anyone can relate to—then she works to negate those fears after.
It’s amazing for readers that are held back by these excuses, as many women tend to be. 

She then talks about mindsets that need to be developed to succeed. 

It’s all about adjusting your way of thinking, and it’s very empowering for those of us who are often prisoners of our thoughts. 

Finally, she talks about the key, practical skills to develop to make it—such as planning. 

If you ever felt held back in achieving success, this is a great book to read to find the right kind of motivation.

Winging It – Emma Isaacs

winging it

Apart from being a highly successful serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Australia’s largest community for women, Business Chicks… 

The author Emma Isaacs is also a doting mother of six! 

If there’s any perfect example for women to just go out and achieve their dreams, it’s her. 

Her book is one of the best feminist business books out there. 

It’s also arguably one of the most inspiring books for women, as well as she melds autobiography with a guide for women who want to achieve far more in their lives guilt-free.
What we love about Winging It is how candid and casual it can be. 

It’s sincere, as well and pulls out no stops in charting Emma’s often hilarious journey as an entrepreneur. 

She’s gracious enough to include some of the best advice she’s gotten from those who she’s met on her road to success. 

It’s also refreshing that her book has strategies and practices that are very practical and applicable. 

Unlike others that might come off as unrealistic, Emma’s guide is very inspiring and straightforward that you just want to go out and do them straight away.
The core message in Winging It is all about getting rid of overly complex business plans and just going for what you want. 

Her idea is to learn from failure and experience to ultimately bolster your plans and strategies as you go along—whether in business or other aspects of your life. 

This is very appealing for women who might feel like they don’t have the necessary “smarts” to get into business—or who didn’t graduate with the “right” course. 

It’s undoubtedly impactful, especially for those held back by insecurities.
There are three key takeaways in this most motivating of female founders books. 

First, generosity in helping others helps you achieve more for yourself. 

Second, you need to do what scares you the most—in this case, start that business, sister! 

And lastly, you need to be protective of your time, and in control of the environment you’re working in. Not the other way around. 

If you want books for female entrepreneurs that aren’t too heavy but is nonetheless powerful, Winging It should be on top of your list.

Of Gold and Dust – Samantha Wills

of gold and dust 

Author Samantha Wills’ global self-named jewellery company began when she was 21 years old on the kitchen table of a shared house in Sydney. 

It was a lot of hard work, a lot of challenges, and a truly long and inspiring journey. 

While one might think that there are many similarities between the style of this and the previous entry on this list, Of Gold and Dust is primarily a memoir more than anything else. 

One that is sprinkled with a lot of fantastic business lessons where they count the most.
It begins with her childhood, where she relates how her earliest life experiences helped shape her future aspiration and how she hustled at a young age to focus thoroughly on her passion for jewellery making. 

She continues through her struggles growing up and even relates her feelings of suffering from impostor syndrome, which we can all relate to. 

Equally relatable is the insecurity that comes from not having a degree or any other official qualifications.
And therein lies the beauty of Samantha Wills’ Of Gold and Dust. 

She’s very down-to-earth and honest about her experiences that you can’t help but find certain aspects that mirror any woman’s journey through business and life. 

From first failures and frustrations, breakups and other love-related side stories up to little triumphs and successes, we all are Samantha Wills in some form or the other. 

What we love is how her book is an excellent reminder that we’re all made of ups and downs, losses and wins—and these make for a rich life.
If you ever wanted to start your own business but were afraid to do so for one reason or another… 

And if you’re not ready to commit to a “serious” business book, this is the perfect option for you.

Among the books for female entrepreneurs, Of Gold and Dust is one of the easier, more casual reads that doesn’t skimp on honesty and learning. 

It’s a great behind-the-scenes peek at what makes for success—scenes that are often glossed over in highlight reels and lengthy featurettes. 

Go get this book. It’s worth the read.
And there you have it! 

Every woman’s journey is ultimately their own—but there are many challenges and speedbumps along the way that we can all relate to. 

At the core is the simple fact that women can achieve anything that they want to if they push themselves confidently towards those goals. 

Whatever your journey, whatever your dreams, go out there and achieve them. 

Maybe one day, we’ll all be reading your inspirational journey and putting them on this list!

How about you? What are the top 3 books that you highly recommend?
Let us know in the comments.