The Vision: Uplift, Inspire and Create a Positive Impact

Imagine a world where we can raise our children, nurture our entrepreneurial ambitions, and uplift, empower, and encourage other women along the way. This was my dream as a broken, exhausted single mother of six. I envisioned something greater than myself, and today, that dream has evolved into Six Rays Co, a brand that goes beyond products.

The Vision

  • Uplift through essential oils and advocating for self love and care.
  • Inspire others to build their dream life a business.
  • Impact through kindness, generosity and positivity

Of course selling a product is important, we are an ecommerce brand after all and I absolutely want to create time and financial freedom for my family. But it's also about using my love of business to show women that you do have the power to build your dream life. I want to rise, but I want to bring as many women as I can with me.

The How

Some of the ways I do this are; outsourcing to other women-led business, giving back and bringing awareness to charities I love and vulnerably sharing my story and values.

I always try to lead with kindness and make sure that the way I conduct my business is not only in the best interests of building a profitable brand but also in congruence with my values.

The Why

As a business owner I've always thought that knowing your why, your reason for doing what you do is super important. And that your why needs to be bigger than you. It can be so easy to give up on yourself but as humans we hate letting others down. So on those tough days and trust me there will be many, its the why, the vision bigger than you that will keep you going!

My vision is both ambitious but in full alignment with me as a person and my personal values. As a personal brand my business often directly reflects the inner workings of me as a person. But I love it this way!

My driving force is first and foremost my family and creating time and financial freedoms both so I can give my kids opportunity but also so I can be the best and most present mumma that I can be. Secondly, my desire to uplift and inspire people, but mum's especially to build their dream life and business. I want you to know that you do have the power to change your circumstances.

If I can do it, you can too.


Meg xo