Partnering with i=Change

Giving Back has always been a foundational belief of mine. Whether its with time, money or kindness we all have something to give. I believe small actions can have a huge impact when we work together.

And this is why we have been partnering with i=Change since April 2022.

The decision was an easy one. We had just had an incredible month of sales in March but more importantly our most successful day ever of $3061 every cent of which was donated to the NSW and QLD flood victims through GIVIT. I knew i needed to find away to consistently give back and i=Change just made sense.

How it works:

Shop our website knowing that $1 from every order goes to one of our 3 chosen projects.

Choose a project. After checking out the i=Change platform will appear and you can select a project to contribute to.

Track our impact. Together we can make a difference.

Our Projects:

Clothe the Vulnerable - Provide essential clothing

The clothes we choose to wear not only protect us from the elements but reflect and affect our confidence and self-esteem.
In Australia one in eight adults and one in six children do not have adequate access to essential clothing. Circumstances and disadvantage should not prevent people from accessing clothing to allow them to realise their full potential.
Thread Together addresses this uncomfortable truth by providing new clothes to those in need. This includes women escaping domestic violence, homeless adults and children, and those who just arrived in the country seeking refuge.
New clothing is also provided to the long-term unemployed, seeking equal standing when going to an interview, those coming out of long-term health care, and many who are rebuilding their lives after being devastated by the droughts, the recent bushfires and now the pandemic.

End Violence Against Women - Protect women and girls

In the highlands of PNG, up to 93% women experience violence regularly - even on a daily basis. Sexual harassment is also extremely common in markets, where women's ability to do business is crucial for the strength of their communities. When women are safe from violence, entire communities and economies flourish.
UN Women is working to meet the needs of women, train male community leaders to understand and communicate that violence against women is a crime, and provide skills training so women can earn an income and support their families.


Support her Recovery - When needed most

Violence against women is at epidemic levels in Australia. 1 in 3 women will experience physical and/or sexual abuse in her lifetime.
Full Stop Australia (FSA) has a 50-year legacy providing specialist sexual, domestic, and family violence support services.
FSA provides free and confidential 24/7 telephone, online and face-to-face counselling, best-practice training and professional services to support safe and respectful workplaces, educational environments and communities.
FSA also encourages governments, businesses, and communities to make changes to laws, policies and practices to prevent and improve responses to sexual, domestic, and family violence.


Thank you for supporting Six Rays Co and i=Change.