Our Top 4 Most Loved Products: All You Need To Know

six rays co most loved products

Essential oils have become invaluable to many in these times of fear and uncertainty. 

Their affordable nature, amazing scents, and benefits—particularly when it comes to alleviating stress and headaches—have become a source of comfort and joy. 

This is particularly true when talking about pure essential oils drawn from nature and feature no artificial additives.

Of course, part and parcel of enjoying essential oils is being able to carry them about with you.

Key Basics of Essential Oil Storage

Pure essential oils are strong and powerful. 

So much so that they can’t be stored in just any ordinary vessel. 

In particular, you don’t want them stored in plastics as the oils tend to melt them. 

But it’s a good test as to whether you’re getting the real deal, mind you, as only diluted oils can be stored in plastic vessels. 

Ideally, you want to store them in glass or aluminum, where their purity is preserved. 

Of course, an additional consideration if you’re particularly busy are portable vessels that you can take anywhere.
Here are four of Six Rays Co’s most loved vessels to help you bring your favourite essential oils with you when you're out and about.

Piper Rose Quartz

roller necklace
Part portable vessel, part fashion accessory, the Piper Rose Quartz is a roller bottle necklace that is all style and completely functional. 
It features an 80 cm chain with a lobster clasp so you can wear it on the go comfortably and securely. 

The chain is very durable, so you don’t ever have to worry about it breaking as you go about your day or even a night out in the town. 

The eye-catching centrepieces of this essential oil roller necklace are the rose quartz crystal point jutting up top and the rose quartz gemstone nestled in the metallic frame of the necklace.

For our crystals, we only use authentic and high-quality crystals.
As for the essential oil side of things, the Piper Rose Quartz features an ample 2 mL glass bottle enough for a generous portion of your favourite essential oil. 

To apply the essential oil blend to any part of your body that needs it, we've included a sturdy and durable metal roller ball that keeps the oil in when not needed but smoothly applies to your skin when desired. 

The overall silver look and colour is elegant without being too loud and ostentatious and easily fits into a chill ensemble for the day or an elegant get-up for the night.
So, if you want to have a necklace to match your different outfits or get-ups, make sure to take a look at the other crystal necklaces in our collection. 

They come in different, attractive natural colours, and each features a roller to apply whatever oils you wish to bring along for that moment. They’re perfect for collecting and switching around as the occasion and get-up require.

Storm Diffuser

storm diffuser
There are many essential oil diffuser benefits to enjoy most, especially when you’re just at home. 

For one, you get constant exposure to the benefits of whatever essential oil you’re diffusing. 

For another, everything smells good in whatever room you use a diffuser in. 

Our Storm diffuser comes with many benefits that go beyond similar, simpler counterparts. 

It features a water tank capacity of 200 mL to give you a longer essential oil experience, so you don’t have to keep on refilling it every few hours—which can take away from the overall relaxing experience!
Other great features involve the technology we’ve built into the Storm. 

For one, the device automatically shuts off when it detects that it is out of water.

This helps preserve the Storm diffuser and makes sure you have nothing to worry about even when you leave it running overnight. 

You have two modes of operation that can run for either 4 or 8 hours, depending on what you need out of it. 

Plus, it's very simple to operate and only features a single, unified mist button, so nothing is confusing or complicated about the Storm.
We’ve also built-in lighting options so the Storm can double as a night light to aid in a good night’s sleep. 

You can opt to select a single fixed colour as is your preference, or you can opt for the Storm to cycle through its many different light options continuously. 

Packaged in a very svelte and slim frame, the Storm is a perfect companion to your bedside and won’t take up too much space no matter where you put it. 

Lastly, it's lightweight and portable, so you can put it in any room you want.


Sometimes, the simpler, basic vessels are the best. 

Whether for your favourite essential oil or fragrance or even the best facial serum for glowing skin, the Serenity is the perfect choice. 

Serenity is our classic, durable glass dropper vessel. 
It can hold up to 60 mL of your favourite face and body oil serums securely with a tight seal topside, so you don’t experience wastage due to spills. 

However, it’s just as easy to screw off when you need to apply the oil or fragrance you’re carrying about. 

The glass of the vessel is itself highly durable. Though you wouldn’t want to drop it intentionally, it can handle a spill or two. 

This makes it perfect as a day-to-day vessel wherever you choose to use it.
For the dropper itself, we use high-quality rubber for the top portion that’s guaranteed not to break or go brittle over time. 

On the other hand, the pipette is made from the same durable glass, so it’s just as dependably sturdy. 

The Serenity is a beautiful—if subtle—addition to your bathroom or bedroom dresser but can just as easily be carried around in your purse or bag for a quick fix of your serum for the day. 

Classy and dependable, the Serenity won’t let you down.

The Originals Bundle

originals bundle
Can’t decide which vessel for essential oils to get? 

Or do you simply have a lot of essential oils, fragrances, and serums in your collection? 

Then the Originals Bundle is for you. 

You essentially get all our best selling containers in one glam and affordable package. 

The Originals Bundle holds a special place in our hearts as these seven vessels are part of our very first launch. 

This bundle comes with our medium-sized dropper bottle to store your favourite oil, fragrance, or serum in the largest quantity among them all.
The rest of the set includes four mid-sized sprayer bottles in four different designs in rose gold, as well as a smaller spritzer. 

These are perfect for taking your favourite fragrances with you for a quick spray throughout your day. 

Finally, we have two smaller-sized dropper bottles that are great for storing your favourite essential oils to combat stress and fatigue. 

All of these are made with highly durable glass, so you can be confident that they won’t break easily.
This is essentially our “best-selling” bundle, so be aware that the capacities aren’t all that much. 

Don't worry. There are other individual products in our collection that cater to higher capacity storage needs in a variety of delivery methods ranging from sprays to rollers. 

If you want to sample what we have to offer and like taking your oils on-the-go, then this is definitely the package you want to get.

We’ve Got So Much More Too

Those are the very best that our customers have come to love from Six Rays Co, but we have a whole line of other great products to meet everyone’s needs and desires. 

We have roller vessels in different sizes that allow for the storage of your chosen essential oils and easy application on affected body parts when needed. 

We have other dropper vessels and mist spray vessels to choose from if you fancy other design sensibilities.
We even carry more multi-functional jewellery that combines beautiful crystals with functional and effective metal rollers. 

Rose Quartz not quite your jam? 

That’s okay. We have other designs and options to choose from that might be more to your liking. 

We also have crystals that you can buy separately to add a touch of natural elegance to any room in your home. 

Some even double as lamps for a delightful atmospheric touch. 
The choice is yours and we have those aplenty.
Six Rays Co has something for every need, every passion, every fashion, and everybody.