Going all in on my DREAM

There comes a time in business where you have to make a call to GIVE UP. 🔥

Give up your day job and go all in on your DREAM. 18 months ago I told my first business coach I wanted to go all in on Six Rays Co. Since then I’ve continued to attempt to do it all.

Recently I reached a place of burnout! I was exhausted, my whole body hurt, my skin was breaking out and I felt nauseous and stressed all the time.

Trying to juggle multiple business’s, solo parenting six kids, managing my mental health, gym goals, the stress of the economy and the rising cost of living, the list goes on and the overwhelm was real!

So I took a pause. NOTHING CHANGES if nothing changes. I arranged to take a few weeks of from MG Inspect (the business I co-own with my Dad) and I really lent into the idea of taking a break. 

I KNOW I can do anything I set my mind too. But I can’t do EVERYTHING at the same time!

So I’ve decided to go ALL IN on Six Rays Co. My values in life are my family, my health and having a positive impact through my business. I believe that for right now the best way to prioritise all 3 is to build ONE brand.

This is SCARY!! Going all in on one business at a time where I’m watching incredible brands close their doors in the face of an uncertain economy.

Who am I to think I can GROW my business whilst others close?

Or maybe the question is who am I not to?

How can I play it safe when there are women like me who need someone else to pave the way and show them what’s truely possible?

I have no choice but to succeed! I have no other income, no one backing me. It’s just ME building a life for my six rays. But as scary as that is, I have never felt more sure.

So this is the season where I SLOW DOWN to speed up.🚀 Where I risk it all to build this brand that I believe in with all my heart. Because it’s not just about essential oils and self-care. Its about sharing my story of trauma to triumph. How a broken girl overcame abuse, mental health and so many challenges to become an UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN.