Building a Heart-led Business: Six Rays Co's Big Announcement and Sale

The beginning of my journey...

Six Rays Co begun in 2020 in the midst of chaos. I had recently moved back to Melbourne from the Sunny Coast to share custody of my kids, I was lonely, exhausted and searching for community and to reignite my business passion. Over the next couple of years, I did just that and so much more as our product range and community grew consistently.

I don’t know how I would have survived 2021 without my Six Rays Co community shining a constant ray of light into such dark times. 2022 was a year of healing for me and so many business milestones and you’ve heard me say it before 2023 is MY year. I am taking BOLD risks and making BIG Moves.

There was definitely a time early on in Six Rays where my vision was to create the biggest essential oil accessory range in Australia. But overtime as the busyness of solo parenting just got busier and I developed a love for mentoring women in business the dream started to shift.

Building a heart-led business

Lately, the online business space has felt heavy. It seems like every few days I see another business closing or selling either due to the economy or just experiencing burnout from trying to do it all. So, I’ve been reflecting on my business and what I can do to create even more impact whilst being most in alignment with my highest values my family and my health.

As you may know, I have recently started offering my services coaching women in business and mindset. After 9 years in business across multiple business models whilst having and raising my babies and healing my trauma I have collected and created some incredible skills that I want to share. I am passionate about women building their dream life and business and creating a limitless mindset, knowing they can achieve their goals. To create time and space for this without compromising on my values, something had to change.

My first thought was to scale Six Rays Co, I've successfully scaled a company before, an office/warehouse, a team. I know I have the skills and ability to do this. However, after alot of consideration, I realised although this was once my dream and once something I did and loved, it’s not my dream for right now. As a solo mumma, with six beautiful kids that live with me full time the way I run my business now cannot be the same way I have built business’s in the past.

There were really only two other options, sell the business or ...

BIG news and an even BIGGER sale!

I believe that I can build my dream business and still lead with my heart. Which is why after much consideration I have decided to significantly cut down our product range in particular our glassware collection. I am determined to continue to build and grow Six Rays Co in a way that allows me to coach women and still show up for my family and myself.

I’m doing this by having a smaller product range and focusing on what makes us most unique 

So this is your official invitation to shop from our BIGGEST sale ever. We have a huge quantity of glassware, salt lamps and crystal products on our shelves and I need your help to move it!

What lies ahead...

Six Rays Co is not going anywhere! I am currently working away behind the scenes in the early stages of designing our next necklace collection. I have endless ideas and my love for this community makes it impossible for me to walk away.

I believe our most uniquely Six Rays Co products are our diffuser range and our oily necklace collections designed by me (Aurelia and Blossom). The focus moving forward will be to continue to offer a unique and luxury range of essential oil accessories and we’ll leave your everyday glassware basics up to some of the beautiful small businesses already offering these products and those who are still yet to begin.

Thank you!

Thank you with all my heart for your incredible support over the past few years. I am so excited to be able to offer you such an AMAZING sale and it would mean the world to me if you could share it with as many of your oily loving friends as you can. I am so so excited to move forward into this next stage of Six Rays Co with you all. I wouldn’t be here today without YOU!


Meg xx